Teacher's Guide to Professional Development

College or University Coursework

Public and private schools in most cases require their teachers to possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. While a Bachelor’s degree in Education will prepare you for running a classroom, a Master’s in Education will help you better understand your role as an educator. Depending on the level and subject matter, the master’s degree can provide additional skills for improved teaching, open the door to potentially higher pay, allow the teaching of a different group of students, or open the avenue of advancement in education, such as in administration.


Master’s in Education also gives you a look at the way that the administration system works, so you’ll see how choices are made and why. Along with a better grasp of the methods of teaching and the theories behind them, you’ll be able to tell which systems are most effective in the classroom and why. Master’s programs also often include education technology coursework, so you’ll likely come away with more tools to assist students at all levels.

Subject matter competence
Effective Teaching Methods
Child abuse and violence prevention
Physical and Mental Health
Multicultural Education
Students with Special Needs